‘Em boys wish you a Hot Fudge Sunday day.

Let’s introduce these boys.

Willard is the tall one with the green cap. He’s about 28. No one knows exactly cause his mama never told no one when he was born. She was out livin’ in a swamp when Willard came out “all stringy and white,” least ways, that’s what his mama said. He been wearing that baseball cap ever since he played in one game when he was seven. Struck out, but no matter. Willard figures the big leagues are gonna call him up any ol’ day now. Can you tell ain’t too smart? But real good hearted. He’s a good son. He still helps his mama, catchin’ fish and chasin’ off gators.

Clyde is the short fellar. Now ol’ Clyde is an interestin’ story. He won hisself a grease pig contest when he was in high school..well…he shoulda been in high school, but he never went on account of his pappy said it warrent important. Anyways, Clyde won the pig contest when he was fifteen. He took that pig home and loved it and put it in a special place. Wouldn’t let no one touch it. One night his pappy got all liquored up and was headin’ out to that pig with a knife and fork. He wanted a big slice o’ pork. The ol’ man and Clyde got into a big tussel over that there pig. The sheriff come out, ma did the callin’, and put’em both in the jail house until they settled down. The sherrif said they had to eat the pig, but only when it weighed-in over 400 pounds. So Clyde never fed that pig much and it never grew up much. Clyde’s pappy kept sayin’ how that pig was sick and werin worth eatin’. That made Clyde happy. Clydes 42. He knows exactly when is his birthday. He likes tellin’ folk that he was “borned in a hospital, all proper like.”

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